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As someone who has suffered from anxiety and depression for the past few years, I decided to start this blog, as I myself found great comfort in knowing that there was other people out there like me. I'm here for anyone who wants to talk or wants to get anything off their chests. I will share my story with anyone who wants to hear it. Please feel free to contact me, anon or not. My inbox is always open! And remember, BE STRONG xoxo

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13th May 2012

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Once again, I seem to be failing in my attempts to fall asleep.

So heres just a quick reminder to everyone that I’m here, and I’m ready to listen to anything you have to throw at me. Anything you wanna get off your chest, rant or vent about, anything you need help with or just if you want someone to talk to.

You guys have been great over the past few weeks, opening up to me.

I onlly publish the anonymous asks, but the amount of people that are contacting me and I am answering privatley in phenomenal. And I really enjoy being here for everyone.

So please, Dont be afraid to talk to me.

Dont be afaid to come to me with anything you may have.

Talking is key, I know, I’ve been exactly where you are.

Be Strong


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6th May 2012


Ok, I’ve Answered everything you guys have asked me today!

And, i really hope I am helping.

Anything asked after this won’t be answered till tomorrow! So check the archive thoroughly in case you miss your answer!

Feel free to leave some stuff in my inbox, and I will get to it first thing tomorrow!

And remember,

Be Strong


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5th May 2012


Anonymous said: Every time i have sex i get paranoid & run to the clinic & get checked even if i used a condom. I get paranoid all the time thinkin i have something. & i go to the clinic every 3 to 6 months even when im not having sex. I'm a hyprocondriac. I can't help but always have negative thoughts & think the worst. only time im not thinking about bad stuff or being anxious is when im at school or work & im occupied. I get nervous & anxious a lot. & i never used to be like this. i need constant motivation.

Paranoia is something that hit me hard after I first started suffering from anxiety, and to be perfectly honest, it still does. Distractions are great, and I always used my friends as a means to stop me from thinking about things, but when I was on my own I found it very hard to get out of my own head. It sounds like you are going through something similar and I know its a horrible horrible place to be.

One way to beat Paranoia, and is something that I found helped me a lot was to write things down. When people suffer from anxiety and depression and paranoia, they constantly imagine the worst outcome from every situation. We become fortune tellers, convincing ourselves that this is going to happen or thats going to happen. But usually, Its just a case of us imagining the worst possible scenario.

Try this. Imagine your going to a party, and your feeling anxious because maybe you feel like you won’t know anybody there and you will be left on your own….make a list. I know it sounds stupid, but it really helps. Instead of letting the negative, irrational thoughts consume you, think rationally and write down more positive things like

  • if there is nobody that I want to talk to I can leave
  • Nobody is forcing me to be here
  • If my friends get annoyed with me, then I can explain how i was feeling
  • If they don’t understand, then they are NOT real friends

This is a very generic list I know, but it really does apply to ANY worries you may have. I know for me, I had to make lots of these mantra’s about college, about work, about my friends and my boyfriend. Reading over them makes you instantly feel better.

I really hope this helps! If there is anything more specific you want to talk about, or if there is anything you didnt understand there, you know where I am!

Be Strong xoxo

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4th May 2012


Anonymous said: I've had a couple of panic attacks, a lot of small ones, and one that was pretty big. I worry about the future, a lot. If I start thinking about supernatural things I get really nervous and instantly make myself stop thinking about it. I'm anxious socially. When I have deja-vu I freak out. I worry that I'm making this a lot worse in my head than it actually is, and that's taken a hit to my self-esteem.. overall I've been feeling like I'm crazy, or just stupid and dramatic lately. What do I do?

Hi, I’m really sorry first of all that I didn’t get around to answering this earlier! It sounds to me like you really need to talk to someone, maybe a counsellor or a parent or someone you can really trust. My panic attacks started out small aswell, maybe one every few months, and then they just got worse and so did my paranoia…which in turn made me more anxious and irritable and it just spiralled from there. What your going through is completely normal, but now is the time to nip this in the bud. Talking about these fears really help, or at least they did in my case, and I hope it can help you too. If not, I am always here to talk to!

Be Strong xoxo

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